Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 = The Greatest Year Ever...For The 90's

Three words: Faith No More. Two more words: are reuniting. Now say it together: Faith No More are reuniting...in Europe. According to Billboard and Mike Patton's publicist, the band are set to play a few European festivals this summer. Faith No More performing again for the first time in almost 11 years is a big deal. You might even say it's epic (Believe me, it killed me to write that). So as a huge fan of FNM, there aren't many words I could say to describe how awesome this is. Instead, here's the band performing Caffeine on Hanging With MTV while promoting Angel Dust (If you only have own one of their albums, make it Angel Dust. Definitely worth the purchase.)

Besides this reunion, 2009 is bringing us the return of The Jesus Lizard, one of the most incredible bands to spawn from the Chicago music scene. It's the first time in 12 years that the classic lineup has shared a stage and 10 years since the band disbanded. Lucky for us, it's the classic lineup, the Yow-Dennison-Sims-McNeilly lineup, coming forth to show the world what rock has been missing this decade, excitement and chaos. Along with the reunion, the first four Touch & Go records are being reissued and remastered. That part saddens me a little since Touch and Go recently ceased distribution of new releases, ended their imprint labels and released 20 staff members. The Jesus Lizard reissues are still slated to come out but it'll mark the end of a great era of Indie Rock and a place where bands like The Jesus Lizard, Girls Against Boys, Seam, Yeah Yeahs Yeahs, Scratch Acid and TV On The Radio cut their teeth. Farewell, old friend, farewell.

Also, making this year great (and bringing up spirits after the bummer that is the demise of Touch & Go) is the fact that the year began with Fishbone being part of a national Pepsi TV spot. It wasn't just that it was Fishbone, it was Fishbone featuring former keyboardist/vocalist/trombonist Chris Dowd (Charlie Down) and vocalist/trumpeter Walt Kibby (Dirty Walt). These two haven't been in the band in years. Dowd left in the mid-90's and Kibby left earlier this decade, both on different terms and for different reasons. This isn't a reunion of any kind as it was old friends just getting together again and that in itself is special. Add this appearance to the fact that two new Fishbone projects are slated for the year (the documentary, Everyday Sunshine, and a new live album) and I think it's safe to say that it's possible that this could be their year. Finally.

Thank you, 90's. Thineties.

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