Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go Away Pete Doherty!

Pete Doherty, I've never listened to your music nor do I care to. Based off of your need for publicity, I have to say that you seem like a massive douchebag. There I said what the public probably knows and are possibly thinking. Your latest maneuver for publicity was bringing cocaine into a courtroom. Either you are the most brazen person in the world or seriously stupid but whatever works for you is fine, I suppose.

Doherty, you are one of several music related celebrities that treats your fame like an excuse to abuse yourself, your fans and perpetuate the myth of rockers being wild, drugged out, fame seeking whores. For what, I ask? It can't be the money. There's no money in cocaine (unless you're selling it) or death (unless you are Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain or Jimi Hendrix, all people who made careers based on their music opposed to the idea that they were just celebrities and existed). So, knock it off and get the remainder of your career (I guess?) together.

A couple of weeks ago, a blogger at MTV wrote a post about Mark McGuire coming out with his steroid abuse and then proceeded to accuse musicians of the same thing and dared them to come out about it. This post was inappropriate, ill-advised and bordering on the verge of libel. Some might say this post accuses a musician of abusing drugs which I will disagree with. Doherty's exploits with cocaine and law are well known and have more of a hand in his celebrity than his music does. Chances are, if you're reading this, you're more likely to remember him shooting a syringe of blood at a cameraman and dating Kate Moss more than Babyshambles and the track he worked on with Amy Winehouse (who, I'd say, this all pertains to as well).

McGuire's fame came from baseball and we celebrated that even though it had thought of for years that he may have been juicing. Still, at the end of the day, he will always be known for baseball, being on the Oakland A's and winning a home run battle against Sammy Sosa and breaking Roger Maris' record way more than the effects of steroids on his body and the fact that he did them. Doherty, on the other hand, is just a druggie musician or continues to act like one because it seems to be the only time he get any press. Talent is an asset my friend and you wish to waste whatever talent you have by doing stupidly random crap that only results in fines, slaps on the wrists and notoriety of a sad and questionable nature.

Yet, we continue to praise and find humor in this instead of helping a person clearly in need of guidance. It would be one thing if all of his exploits were either: a) humorous, b) harmless, c) didn't make him somewhat famous or d) all of the above. Being a drugged out musician is not a job to praise or honor. It would be one thing if his music was well known or if he was a well respected musician but he's no more than Pete Doherty and that says it all in itself.

Sure, Johnny Thunders was a well known drug abuser but he was equally as known for his guitarwork with New York Dolls, The Heartbreakers and his solo work as well as being a influential guitarist to Punk and Glam rock. Doherty, you sir, are no Johnny Thunders. Stop the charade, get clean and be a model citizen. Maybe then, I'll actually care to hear your music.

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