Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Rashida Jones Beatbox Manifesto (September 2012)

Side A
01. 1970 by The Stooges
02. Dying for It by The Vaselines
03. Feed Me with Your Kiss by My Bloody Valentine
04. The Mirror by Mary Timony
05. The Fire by Television

Side B
01. Vomit Ascot by Skeleton Key
02. Run Right Back by The Black Keys
03. Keep on Runnin' (Crawlin' Black Spider) by Cat Power
04. The Diamond Sea by Sonic Youth

A very odd assortment of songs in this month's mix.There is no running theme throughout any of this other than some excellent songs by the likes of Television, Cat Power, My Bloody Valentine, and Mary Timony among others. Yes, before you ask, I did debate which version of "The Diamond Sea" to use but the last minute addition of "Feed Me with Your Kiss" made me lean toward the shorter version. Overall, this is a surprisingly awesome mix given the lack of theme and a preference toward fuzzed out rock songs (sorry, to anyone who hates distortion, shoegaze or noise). Also, yes, the always beautiful Rashida Jones is the cover art...oh, yeah.

Support the art and the artists. Play it loud!

The Rashida Jones Beatbox Manifesto

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