Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snoop Dogg Returns Home...To Llanview

Every so often, you hear about or see something that totally makes you day. This is one of those moments. Apparently, Snoop Dogg made a stop to visit his One Life To Live home, Llanview, last year and has returned home again to hang out with old friends, talk about Blair's curves and tell Bo Buchanan that he should have kept it real with Nora. Also, there was a concert. Enjoy Snoop Dogg's appearance on the February 24, 2010 episode of One Life To Live.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chunky A? Who Remembers This?

Seriously, who really remembers this? I seriously doubt Arsenio Hall wants to remember this. Nonetheless, in the late 80's, Hall adopted an rapping alter-ego named Chunky A and presented the world with an album rooted in 80's Rap, parodies of Cameo and Fine Young Cannibals' songs and, best of all, cameos from Ice-T, Paula Abdul and Wil Wheaton. Sadly, describing this album so far seems funnier than the album itself.

Happy Birthday To Me!

Wow, has it been one year already? Who ever thought that one year ago, I would move from talking about Run DMC's Tougher Than Leather and debating if "Macarena" was a wonder or blunder that I would be watching From Justin To Kelly and debating the one hit wonder status of "You Get What You Give." Boy, times have changed.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who Needs Music Television When You Have Jersey Shore?

Thank you MTV for doing something that should have been done ages ago. Finally, the phrase "music television" is being dropped from your logo. It is like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, officially.

Hasn't Haiti Suffered Enough Already?

There are now only two things that I will agree with Jay-Z about: 1) Beyonce is hot and 2) "We Are The World" should have not been remade. Seriously, you did not help Haiti by doing this. Instead, you raped an iconic song and proceeded to crap it and the country you wish to help. If the world can be a brighter day by giving, why then, did you give us this horrid cover.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Where's The Musical Beef?

Throughout history, people have always caught on to popular catchphrases. They are easy to remember and can be applied to all walks of life and a mutlitude of situations. After all, how many times have you said "what you talkin' bout, Willis" to a friend. As funny and popular as that phrase is, music has produced a few catchphrases and most of them are bad. By bad, I mean if one were to be caught using one today, it is a license to be beaten on sight. Let us have a look at these horrendously awful catchphrases, their meanings and and what it says about you if you were to use one these days.

Cursed For Their Will To Dream (February Mixtape)


Cursed For Their Will To Dream (February 2010)

Side A:
01. Other Side by Sound Barrier
02. Rock-N-Roll Victim by Death
03. Time's Up by Living Colour
04. You'll Like It "Hear" by Mother's Finest
05. Cosmic Slop by Funkadelic
06. Bowels Of The Devil by Body Count
07. Lookout by Building Better Bombs
08. Banned In D.C. by Bad Brains

Side B
09. Information Inspiration by Shuggie Otis
10. Picture In A Frame by Ben Harper
11. Everybody's Getting Down by The Incredible Moses Leroy
12. Baptized In Blacklight by Kenna
13. Pills by Bo Diddley
14. I Get Out by Lauryn Hill
15. If We Don't Disagree by Cody Chesnutt
16. Change by Fishbone

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Hit Wonder Or One Hit Blunder

Today's Subject: "You Get What You Give" by New Radicals

"Wake up kids, we've got the dreamer's disease." There is something be said about a revolution fueled by pop music. One thing is that it is not much of a revolution at all. For years, we have learned to revolt by using loud guitars, booming basslines and vocals that scream urgency. Somehow, New Radicals bypassed these tools and brought you a four and a half minute pop song that complains about fake people, the world, chroncles the plight of the late 90's suburban teenager and, most importantly, tells you that "you only get what you give." To think, all N.W.A. had to say was "fuck the police."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Video Graveyard

I like to think of this video as Dawn Of The Dead but with angsty, suburban teenagers taking over a mall and caging adults instead of zombies raiding the food court. Thanks, New Radicals and director Evan Bernard for this truly horrifying world of teenagers running amok while they harass people serving them food and acting crazy to music better suited for shopping at The Gap instead of comandeering a whole mall. Then again, for terrorism on such a juvenile, suburban level, I guess New Radicals would be the soundtrack for the armageddon.

The Who Plays CSI's Greatest Hits Or The Who By Numbers

Yeah, I went there and so did they. Last night's Super Bowl Halftime Show seemed more like an ad for Jerry Bruckheimer and CBS than the great performance it should have been. All it needed was "My Generation" and it could have been like watching CSI complete with a Pepsi ad.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can We Give This Oscar Back Now?

I have already questioned the need/purpose of the biopic (read Biopics: Documentaries With Actors?) so I'm not going to address this. Instead, I now question the need for one on Milli Vanilli. Really, Milli Vanilli? This is something that can not be blamed on the rain.

A Musical Box Of Chocolates For February

These new releases may not edible but they will be just as tasty and melt in your brain and ears.