Friday, October 21, 2011

Cheyenne Marie Mize To Release New EP

On November 8, Cheyenne Marie Mize will release We Don't Need, a six-song followup EP to her debut, Before Lately, on Roaring Colonel/Yep Roc. Mize's debut was a beautiful and delicate collection of songs filled with sweet vocals, enchanting songwriting and, at times, haunting melodies which made it easy to fall in love with upon first listening and still continues to impress on repeated spins. Judging by the EP's lead-off track, "Wishing Well," Mize's vocals and performance have grown significantly since her debut. As such, Mize sounds more confident than before while keeping her unique charm over a beat guaranteed to be a live favorite. Here is a link to "Wishing Well." Definitely download this song as well as buy her debut, Before Lately.

Metronomy, Lincoln Hall & The One Of The Best Albums Of The Year

The English Riviera is probably one of the best albums of the year that few people have actually heard and that critics have justly praised. Part Brian Eno, part dreamlike new wave with a hint of early, darker Duran Duran (especially with the basslines), Metronomy's third album is a well-crafted, cinematic work of art filled with popping basslines, organs, subtle guitar and excellent drumming. With songs like the funky bass and synth filled lead single, "She Wants" and the current single, the Roxanne Clifford (Veronica Falls) assisted duet, "Everything Goes My Way," the British quartet earned a 2011 Barclaycard Mercury Prize nomination for the album's inspired performance, songwriting and melodies.

The Electrifying Horace Pinker (October 2011)

Side 1
01. Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath
02. Werewolf by Cat Power
03. Girl Serial Killer by Hanin Elias
04. Demon Days by Gorillaz
05. Ghost Dance by Patti Smith Group
06. Satan's Jewel Crown by Emmylou Harris

Side 2
01. Dead Babies by Alice Cooper
02. Spiderbaby (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah) by White Zombie
03. Witch by Cold
04. Vampires by Bumblebeez 81
05. Black Sabbath (From the Satanic Perspective) by Type O Negative

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pick Of The Week: Fishbone's Crazy Glue

Since I was 12, Fishbone has always held a special place in my musical heart. Without a doubt, they are permanently entrenched in the list of my top five bands (and top five recording artists) of all time. While I hear the cries of bias in the distance, let me assure you that this pick is no more than a pick of the week. It is an EP from a legendary band that serves as a reminder of why I love this band so much, why other people should love this band and that their sound has influenced numerous musicians and inspired a documentary. The pick of the week is Crazy Glue by Fishbone.

Video Graveyard

Video Graveyard was created for two reasons. One was to pay tribute to the concept of the music video, an art form still utilized but not given the same respect as it was given in the past. The second reason was to humorously look at older, somewhat forgotten videos. In other words, the visual work of early 80's Adam Ant (or Adam and the Ants) is the exact reason for which this piece exists.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ten Years Of Gorillaz

Has it really been 10 years since "Clint Eastwood" worked its way into our ears and heart with its sweet thumping beat, melodica and brilliant vocal combination of Del the Funky Homosapien and Blur's Damon Albarn? According to a forthcoming release, The Singles Collection, 2001-2011, not only has it been a decade, it was one filled with memorable hooks, entertaining videos and a robot version of the band's guitarist, Noodle. The forthcoming release (in stores November 29) is a celebration of the radio successes of the virtual band and its creators, Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl, Monkey: Journal to the West).

Thirteen of the band's singles (minus "Rhinestone Eyes" and "Revolving Doors"), along with two remixes, comprise the collection with it seeing four different physical releases two of which include a CD/DVD and, more impressively, a box set of 7" singles. The tracklist for the collection is posted below as are a few visual highlights celebrating a decade of animated musical brilliance.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Haunting Thrills Of October's New Releases

October is a month that I, as a music adventurist/lover/fan, am excited for. New releases from Fishbone, Rachael Yamagata, Tom Waits, Bjork, Wayne Static, She & Him, Mayer Hawthorne, Surfer Blood, Jane's Addiction, The Original 7ven (formerly The Time and also consisting of the original lineup) and many, many more are hitting stores each week. Fall is a great time to be an audiophile and if you are not one, then October will convert you. Treat yourself to excellence and play it loud!