Saturday, March 21, 2009

10 More Episodes Of Drugs And Debauchery

If you haven't heard, Behind The Music is returning to television after a lengthy absence. There have been episodes every once in a while but there was nothing better than hearing the same Rock and Roll story, over and over, but with a new band each week. Every story consisted of "there were girls waiting for us between sets," "it was the 70's and everyone was doing it," and "we were young and they offered a lot of money." I, however, think Dave Mustaine best tackles what the show is really about.

So far, there have been two names announced for the revival, Lil' Wayne and Scott Weiland. Guess what, they have and probably still do drugs. It's refreshing to see that some things never change, about VH1 and musicians in general. In fact, I think the only episodes that didn't involve drugs, sex or alcohol were the Peter Gabriel and Genesis episodes (funny, given all the costumes that Gabriel wore, you'd think that someone was on drugs during that period). Anyway, thank you VH1 for bringing back the show that makes This Is Spinal Tap look like a high school drama.

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