Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wings Melted By The Sun (March 2009 Bonus Mixtape)

A stopgap compilation to pass the time before the awesome one coming in April. This compilation is a bit of a downer, this I know, but it's also has a few of the leftover tracks from the February comp. Hello, I've Waited Here For You dealt more with the love aspects of life on all angles (unrequited, full-on, heartbreak and homosexual), Wings Melted By The Sun is about loss (of love, life, sense of being, purpose, etc). It is the perfect companion piece for remembrance of things left behind and lost. Remember the life we live today may not be the life we live tomorrow and that everything finds its way back when the time is right. Stay positive and always hope for the best. To loved ones, friends, lovers and ships passing through the night, these words I share with you and wish nothing but the best.
Side A
1. The Golden Age by Beck (Sea Change, 2002)
2. Recently Distressed by Phantom Planet (Phantom Planet Is Missing, 1998)
3. Slip Away by David Bowie (Heathen, 2002)
4. Black by Ours (Mercy (Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy), 2008)
5. The Great Below by Nine Inch Nails (The Fragile, 1999)

Side B
6. Move On by The Rentals (Return Of The Rentals, 1995)
7. The Day Before The Day by Dido (Safe Trip Home, 2008)
8. Nothing Between Us by The Grays (Ro Sham Bo, 1994)
9. Atmosphere by Joy Division (Substance, 1988)
10. I Know by Fiona Apple (When The Pawn..., 1999)

Wings Melted By The Sun

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