Monday, May 4, 2009

To My Dearest Friends, Mary-Kate and Ashley (May Mixtape)

To My Dearest Friends, Mary-Kate and Ashley... (May 2009)

Side 1
1. Nobody's Fault But My Own by Beck (Mutations, 1997)
2. One Way, My Way by Skeleton Key (Obtainium, 2002)
3. Incinerate by Sonic Youth (Rather Ripped, 2006)
4. I Only Play 4 Money by The Frogs (Starjob, 1997)
5. Ignorance by Deadweight (Half-Wit Anthems, 1999)
6. Mary Lady Bobby Kins by Melvins (The Bootlicker, 1999)
7. Magical Colors (31 Flavors) by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Acme, 1998)

Side 2
8. Greyhound by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Orange, 1994)
9. The Fool, The Meddling Idiot by Melvins (Hostile Ambient Takeover, 2002)
10. The Bottle Song by Deadweight (Stroking The Moon, 2003)
11. Dykes Are We by The Frogs (It's Only Right And Natural, 1989)
12. Green Light by Sonic Youth (Evol, 1986)
13. Nod Off by Skeleton Key (Skeleton Key, 1996)
14. Tasergun by Beck (Stereopathetic Soul Manure, 1994)

The twin...a physically mirrored image of a person yet having its own distinct personality and traits. Separate, each is a strong character with its own friends and fans. Together, they are unstoppable and can unify people who favor one over the other. This mixtape is a great example of that. Seven bands, 14 tracks. Side 1 is a calmer, normal side. Sure there is some feedback and a bit of oddness but it's a pretty simple, laid back selection of songs. Beginning in reverse order from the first side, the artists display the experimental, weird and/or loud elements of their work. It's this combination that makes these artists more interesting to listen to as well as what has made them the respected artists that they are today.

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