Thursday, May 7, 2009

Video Graveyard

"Flavor" by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

This is the video where mid-90's cool becomes cooler. "Flavor" features 90's NYC cool band The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion merging their manic, noisy, blues rock world with 90's LA cool up and comer Beck's world of slacker freestyles and dissonance. Also, there's hibachis, a Run DMC homage and a cameo from Mike D of Beastie Boys.
This is one of the great, forgotten videos of the Alternative era and a great time for both of these artists. Both were promoting incredible albums in 1994, Beck with "Mellow Gold" and JSBX with "Orange." During this period, a couple of remixes of "Flavor" were made for a remix album and from those remixes, we get this video.

As I said, this is mid-90's cool becoming cooler. JSBX rocking out in apartments and on streets. Beck cutting up onion and records before being thrown out of his job by a Beastie Boy. All of it culminates with a Run DMC & Aerosmith battle between the two artists. If this isn't cool, then cool doesn't really exist.

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