Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Villager Appearing At Empty Bottle This Friday

Is it an experimental art project? Is it pop music? These are questions one might ask upon listening to NewVillager's debut album. The conclusion you will most definitely come to is that they are an intriguing and inviting mix of both with songs filled with pop hooks and toe tapping beats.

Formed in 2006 by Ben Bromley and Ross Simonini, NewVillager is a true collaborate effort and expansion of the art created by its founders from photgraphy and film to art installations and exhibits. Each of these projects and exhibits built toward the mythology, included Self-described as “not a story, but a lens to look at the world"  and "a ten-part framework of understanding the process of change,"  their self-titled debut was no stranger to said process. Each of the album's 10 tracks were recorded with 10 variations on the track's melodies, chords, rhythms, production, and lyrics. Four years and one hundred tracks later, NewVillager's debut album was released to critical acclaim from the likes of CMJ and Fader. With the ethereal electronic sounds of lead-off track, "Lighthouse," and harmonies woven throughout the album invoking possible early Peter Gabriel and TV on the Radio influences over soulful falsettos and beautifully constructed rhythms, it is easy to fall in love with their artistic vision and sound.

This same creative, artistic vision will make an appearance this Friday (September 23) during NewVillager's headlining performance at Empty Bottle. Tiny Fireflies and Bachlorette are opening and tickets are available here. Below are a few clips of their artistry in action which are worth your time and your ears will gladly thank you.

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