Monday, September 26, 2011

Sometimes, Somewhere, Somehow (September 2011)

Side A
01. Sometimes by Pearl Jam
02. Sometimes by Ours
03. Sometimes in the Fall by Phoenix
04. Sometimes (Mono Version) by The Zombies
05. Sometimes I Forget by Loudon Wainwright III

Side B
01. Gotta Start Somewhere by Jon Brion
02. Somewhere by Husker Du
03. Somewhere There's a Feather by Nico
04. Dream Somehow by Oingo Boingo
05. Going Nowhere Somehow by White Town

Sometimes...things happen. Somewhere...things are happening. Somehow...things have yet to start. For those moments, in my life anyway, there has always been a song playing (mostly as part of some internal dialogue). This month's mix is for the times, wheres and hows in which life happens. Also, musically, it is a pretty good mix. Nico, Phoenix, The Zombies, Husker Du. There honestly is not a bad selection in this mix.

Download Sometimes, Somewhere, Somehow here.

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