Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kevin Shields Talks About My Bloody Valentine Reissues

Twenty-one years later and Loveless is still a musical masterpiece of lo-fi lush sounds and distortion. It is the album by which romantic empires are created and a perennial favorite of critics and fans of shoegaze. If you have never heard the album or any of My Bloody Valentine's brilliant albums (say, for example, 1988's Isn't Anything), then you owe it to yourself to purchase the MBV's remastered reissues on May 7.

Earlier Slicing Up Eyeballs (and the band's Facebook page) posted pictures of the forthcoming reissues complete with a two disc reissue of Loveless and a collection of their EP's from 1988 to 1991. In addition to this, Pitchfork conducted an interview MBV leader, the notoriously elusive Kevin Shields in which he discusses the reissues and the reasons for their delays. Whether or not, these reissues (as well as the band's tour a couple of years ago) indicate that an official followup is on the horizon is, to a degree, a moot point. Granted, a new album would be amazing but, for now, enjoy the fact that some of the best music released in the last 25 years is being given a new life to the band's fans, audiophiles and, possibly, a new legion of listeners.

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