Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Failed Attempt At Charming Coloring Books (August 2012)

Side 1
01. Set Your Arms Down by Warpaint
02. Hunter by Portishead
03. Bear by The Frogs
04. Magic Dance by David Bowie
05. New Moon on Monday by Duran Duran
06. Guiding Light by Television

Side 2
01. Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple
02. Velouria by Pixies
03. Editions of You by Roxy Music
04. Racehorse by Wild Flag
05. Film Music by Electrelane
06. You're Wondering Now by The Specials

This is another unreleased mix (trust me, there are several of them for various people, events and times) that I made to impress a woman with my musical prowess some months ago. The physical copy is far more impressive with colorful and shiny backgrounds and panels for each song. A bit much, I think now. Either way, this was (and still highly is) a great mix that follows a specific path in its purpose. Whether or not, it would have been successful in its goal is extremely debatable. I would like to think in an alternative universe that I gave her this, she found it and me to be brilliant and from there, the possibilities were endless. Sure...that is exactly what happened.

Support the art and the artists! Play it loud!

A Failed Attempt at Charming Coloring Books

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