Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Video Graveyard

Since the inception of the music video as a viable musical promotional tool, there have been a lot of videos involving zombies. For example, there is, of course, the legendary clip for "Thriller" as well as "Scream" by Misfits which was directed by the lord of the zombies, George Romero. Let us not forget videos starring The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed or Ke$ha over the last 20 years. One video that hardly ever shows up on the radar is Phantom Planet's clip for "Big Brat" from their third self-titled album. The clip directed by Spike Jonze is pays homage to the old "B" horror movies of yesterday while offering a sweet and bizarre love story. Even more of a reason to love this video. Enjoy this zombie love story in all of its uncensored glory from a band that is clearly obsessed with the dead/undead. Never mind the fact that they wrote and recorded songs called "Raise the Dead" "The Living Dead" and "Stiffs" or appeared on American Dreams as The Zombies or even recorded a song for Stubbs the Zombie (sadly overlooked game), it is the lyrics is "Always on My Mind" that makes me wonder about their love of the undead. You say love song, I say zombie raising incantation.

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