Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nine Inch Nails Fans Offer Two New Nine Inch Nails DVDs

Last year, Trent Reznor released hundreds of gigabytes of concert footage taken from their 2008 tour, Lights In The Sky, for public usage. Due to legalities, the footage that would have been compiled for the next Nine Inch Nails was turned over to the fans. Footage in hand (or on computer) and months later, the fans have responded with Another Version Of The Truth: The Gift, a fan edited, downloadable DVD/Blu-ray compiled from three nights of the aforementioned tour. You can find out more on Another Version Of The Truth: The Gift and the various downloadable formats here. As the title of this post says, there is more  downloadable Nine Inch Nails available.

In addition to the previous DVD, Nine Inch Nails fans in attendance for last year's Webster Hall performance in which the band performed The Downward Spiral in its enitrety also gathered their footage for a downloadable DVD of the Webster Hall performance which you can read about here and download here. Despite the commentary of my recent, first and last Nine Inch Nails experience, there are some fans out there doing really cool things for the band they love and that is always a good thing for any band. Below are a trailer for Another Version Of The Truth: The Gift as well as a performance of "March Of The Pigs" from the Webster Hall performance.


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