Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freedom Isn't Free But These Downloads Are!

Mini Mansions' Daytrotter sessions! Free albums from Girl Talk and A Sunny Day in Glasgow! Samplers from Adult Swim, Victory, Mexican Summer and Stones Throw! Also, a couple of releases fron Cassettes Won't Listen with one being a side project and the other fusing Animal Collective and Cannibal Ox (how I missed this, I do not know). This is a nice varied selection of free downloads for you to choose from. Download, enjoy and play loudly.

Mini Mansions' Daytrotter Session
Girl Talk - All Day
A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Autumn Again
Adult Swim - Metal Swim
Cassettes Won't Listen - Animal Ox (mix of Animal Collective and Cannibal Ox)
Dfalt - The Stupid Rifle Mixtape (Cassettes Won't Listen side project)
Stones Throw Sampler
Victory Records Fall Sampler 2010
Mexican Summer Vol. 1
Young God Amazon Sampler
Ninja Tune XX - Free Music Compilation
Iszoloscope - beyond within and so on
Per Capita Records Amazon Sampler

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