Friday, November 5, 2010

Magestik Legend's Fan-Made Video For Scream

If you follow this blog or have read any of my comments posted on Hey! Look Behind You! or From Midnight, With Love, my love of horror films has been well documented. With that said, the fan-made video Magestik Legend's "Scream" is a pretty awesome due to the editing and collage of classic horror films which works perfectly with the instrumental track of the song and its sinister keyboards, snares and handclaps. On top of that Magestik Legend completely rips the track apart with equally awesome delivery.

Very appreciative of the video, Legend offered this thanks on his site:

"I received a random email from a fan and supporter who apparently got his hands on my song SCREAM from "The Great Escape promo Cds my Team mailed out a week or so ago. I didn't trip. Its actually pretty dope and perfect for Halloween. Shouts to Dwight! Whutupdoe." 

So, if you have not heard Magestik Legend, I would say start here and definitely check out some of his other material. 

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