Thursday, December 30, 2010

Win $5000 From Duran Duran And Genero TV

In the 80's, Duran Duran were music video visionaries at a time when the format, as more than a one-off promo, was still in its infancy. Outside of Devo and Michael Jackson, there were very few artists creating a uniquely stylistic visual element to go along with their exceptional musical output. Now is your chance to be their next Russell Mulcahy and direct one of nine tracks from their latest album. 

To promote the release of Duran Duran's newest album, All You Need Is Now, the band and are offering aspiring filmmakers and fans a chance to direct videos for the entire album. The prize, beyond the band checking out your art, is $5000 to each of the winners. The finalists are chosen on February 15 by the band, and your votes (voting ends on February 9). A week later, the nine winning videos will be selected and chosen by Duran Duran. If that is not enough, the album will receive a physical release in February in which the winning videos will be compiled on a DVD.

All You Need Is Now is currently available on iTunes and features Kelis and members of Scissor Sisters and Arcade Fire. Critics have hailed the album as a return to sound of the first two albums (Duran Duran, Rio) as well as the natural follow-up to Rio. Personally, I find it to be a excellent progression from 2007's poorly unappreciated Red Carpet Massacre to continue modernizing the sound that made the band a huge phenomenon via use of current production techniques and a producer (Mark Ronson in this case) wanting to bring back the band's synth-funk, new wave beginnings. 

Here is a chance for you to make a video for a group that helped pioneer music videos in the 80's and win $5000, why would you not enter this contest if you are either a fan or a filmmaker? For additional rules and a chance to listen to All You Need Is Now, click on this link. Best of luck to you and your entry...especially if you use a soft, glowing light, a tiger, a model and can shoot it in India, on a yacht or in a jungle.

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