Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pick Of The Week: Phantogram's Eyelid Movies

Starting this week, there will be a regular pick of the week feature (as opposed to the sporadic picks before). This week's pick is an album that completely escaped me last year and if I had heard it then, I would have found a way to, as 30 Rock's Tracy Jordan would say, "take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant." This week's pick is Eyelid Movies by Phantogram.

The idea of a duo combining hip hop, trip hop, shoegaze and pop music does not sound as strange as it should given that there is a little bit each in each other's genre. New York's Phantogram blends it in a way that is seamless and could be played in various settings (romantic, lounge, home). Keyboardist/vocalist Sarah Barthel and guitarist/vocalist Josh Carter have put together quite the impressive debut in Eyelid Movies. Indie hip hop influenced percussion drives Turn It Off and Futuristic Casket while Carter croons over the electronics that fill in the rest of the notes. Meanwhile, Barthel's soft, delicate vocals suggest a possible Imogen Heap influence that adds a nice touch to the recordings. Best of all, the duo's superb compositions and their influences create very unique sound that, in lesser hands, could have been no more than a hodgepodge of uninspired genre-blending. Here, however, it is the beginning of something truly special.

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