Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Coathangers, My Morning Jacket Prep New Albums

As you probably heard last week, a pair of H & J favorites, The Coathangers and My Morning Jacket, are set to release new albums in the pending months. Who has two thumbs and is really excited about this? Well, everybody, especially this guy (yes, you can imagine that I also pointed toward myself).

The Coathangers will release their third full-length album, Larceny and Old Lace on June 7 on Suicide Squeeze. The album's bouncy opening track, "Hurricane," is available for for download here. In addition to "Hurricane," the new release will also include the previously released singles "Johnny" and "Chicken 30" (now titled "Chicken: 30").  Recently, the band shot a video for an undisclosed track off of the new album and posted a couple of photos on their Twitter (follow them now!). The Larceny and Old Lace tracklist can be found below.

Larceny and Old Lace tracklist
01. Hurricane
02. Trailer Park Boneyard
03. Go Away
04. Sicker
05. Call to Nothing
06. Jaybird
07. Johnny
08. My Baby
09. Chicken: 30
10. Well Alright
11. Tabbacco Rd.

Circuital is the title of the forthcoming album from My Morning Jacket, set to be released this Spring. The album is a return to roots for the band as it was recorded in their hometown of Louisville. No definitive release date has been given but you can enjoy the countdown until its release. The band is offering six free tracks for download leading up to the release, five of which are taken from their Terminal 5 shows last year and the final one is a track from the forthcoming album. Input your email address into the widget below and begin the countdown to Circuital.

Note: I am having problems with the widget. Please go here to sign up for your free songs.

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