Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hear Foo Fighters' Wasting Light

To state the obvious, Foo Fighters own April. It is not enough that they own the month, the band has returned with a musical assault on your eyes, ears and, possibly, your wallet. Last night,  the band's documentary, Back and Forth, debuted in theaters across the country and was followed by a live streaming 3D concert. This weekend, they will appear as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live in addition to various cable networks showing the aforementioned documentary. Record Store Day will see the release of Medium Rare, a compilation of various covers recorded throughout the band's career (sadly, "Ozone" is not included) and next Tuesday is the Foo Fighters' first album in nearly four years, Wasting Light. Upon initial listening, the new album, definitely, does not disappoint. Instead of taking my pending review's word for it, check out the album's stream after the jump. Who knows? Maybe a white limo driven by Lemmy Kilmister might appear.
Wasting Light by Foo Fighters


  1. Foo Fighters always had a lot to prove. Despite David Grohl's intent to break ties from the shadow of Nirvana, lyrics and song structure for the (newly) quintet were never rocket science, oriented more for the masses than for the exploring connoisseur. That's why after the departure The Colour and the Shape meant, the stagnancy of four subsequent records made the disappointment even more deafening. The same trite of loud/quiet combination and chord progression twisted to all the possible forms called for a rapid change.