Friday, October 21, 2011

Cheyenne Marie Mize To Release New EP

On November 8, Cheyenne Marie Mize will release We Don't Need, a six-song followup EP to her debut, Before Lately, on Roaring Colonel/Yep Roc. Mize's debut was a beautiful and delicate collection of songs filled with sweet vocals, enchanting songwriting and, at times, haunting melodies which made it easy to fall in love with upon first listening and still continues to impress on repeated spins. Judging by the EP's lead-off track, "Wishing Well," Mize's vocals and performance have grown significantly since her debut. As such, Mize sounds more confident than before while keeping her unique charm over a beat guaranteed to be a live favorite. Here is a link to "Wishing Well." Definitely download this song as well as buy her debut, Before Lately.

We Don't Need is available digitally and on 10" vinyl on November 8.


  1. I have heard many good things about this Cheyenne Marie Mize singer and I am looking forward to getting her new EP, do you know if it is already available??

  2. It was available briefly through Roaring Colonel last year and I'm not sure if it still is. She signed to Yep Roc late last year and it is getting reissued next Tuesday, January 24. I tracked down one of the Roaring Colonel copies and absolutely love the new EP and look forward to the reissue next week.