Friday, October 14, 2011

Video Graveyard

Video Graveyard was created for two reasons. One was to pay tribute to the concept of the music video, an art form still utilized but not given the same respect as it was given in the past. The second reason was to humorously look at older, somewhat forgotten videos. In other words, the visual work of early 80's Adam Ant (or Adam and the Ants) is the exact reason for which this piece exists.

Looking back, Adam Ant's early 80's videos looked like unaired Doctor Who episodes with Ant running around as a Casanova-esque pirate stealing women and singing songs about the devil taking your stereo and record collection instead of fixing or preserving points in time. Perhaps, this is how I, Claudius would have looked if he would have been cast as Caligula. Sleazy pirate charm aside, these videos were and still are brilliant for capturing a time when the video format was beginning to become more of a commercial entity and an almost necessity in interacting with your fans and helping sell albums.

Furthermore, this is the work of a visual genius whose contribution to the art form included swinging on things, performing in discotheques, singing in boxing rings and convincing people to strip all with a sense of humor. To Adam Ant, I salute you and may your video never die. At the least, may you appear in a Pirates of the Caribbean film.

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  1. adam ant is the worst artist from the seventies! there's no doubt about