Monday, July 23, 2012

The Last Days Before A Western Sunset (July 2012)

Side A
01. The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie by The Joy Formidable
02. Casualty by Snake River Conspiracy
03. I'm a Monster by Ours
04. We Had it Bad Today by The Softlightes
05. A Song for Europe by Roxy Music

Side B
01. The Alien Song (For Those Who Listen) by Milla
02. Don't Look Back by Luscious Jackson
03. Troublemaker by Beach House
04. Blacked Out and Blue by Cake Like
05. Roses by Skeleton Key

This month's mix is kind of a downer...pretty much. It is compiled from a mix I was making for something entirely different which included the tracks by Skeleton Key, Roxy Music and Milla and every other track which fit within the context of my internal state at the moment. This lead to a pretty dark, very short mix. As much as I enjoyed putting this together, upon further inspection, it really needs some dance hits of the 80's.

Support the art and the artists. Play it loud!

Get The Last Days Before A Western Sunset here.

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