Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Genesis And The Stooges Inducted In 2010 Hall Of Fame Class

Yes, the excitement on my part is barely contained. Genesis and The Stooges are finally being inducted in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Two incredible and influential bands who have been long overlooked for induction and one of those, The Stooges, has been nominated seven times. For The Stooges, the year began on a sad note with the passing of guitarist Ron Asheton but it is nice to see them finally rewarded for their contributions to Rock and helping shape the sound of noise, distorted guitars and Punk in the years after they disbanded.
As for Genesis, this is seriously incredible. It's been 40 years since their debut, From Genesis To Revelation, and in the time since, the band has had many lineup changes, three different frontmen, various side projects and managed to released great albums whether they are the 70's era Prog/Art-Rock leanings of Peter Gabriel or the mega-successful Rock and Pop stylings of Phil Collins era. The one question remaining is what is the likelihood of seeing the classic 1971-75 era of Genesis reuniting for a song. The answer is slim given Collins' vertebrae surgery which has prohibited him from performing on drums and piano. Still the thought of Genesis being inducted will hopefully open a door for Rush's induction.

Along with these two bands, Abba, Jimmy Cliff and The Hollies will also be inducted into the 2010 class making this one of best classes ever as well as one of the most diverse. Rolling Stone has posted several pieces regarding the inductions as well as interviews with the inductees. Congratulations to all of the inductees for their contributions to the world musically and to younger artists influentially.

The ceremony will take place March 15 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City and broadcast on Fuse.

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  1. wow man, Genesis and The Stooges are awesome. Dude i'm excited for Jimmy Cliff