Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh My God, She's Naked! Call The Cops!

Erykah Badu gets naked and not only is she shot for it, it looks like she will face a disorderly conduct charge for it as well. According to Associated Press, Badu is being charged with with the misdemeanor with a fine up to $500 dollars. This charges come after a 32-year-woman provided a sworn statement to the police after witnessing more of Badu than she expected.

Personally, I do not necessarily agree with the Dallas Police or the woman who provided the statement but I also understand where they are coming from. It a very bizarre grey area. One one hand, if the nudity subject had been cleared beforehand, then there is no problem. If not, it is what it is, a naked woman walking and running down the street. This once again proves that freedom isn't free and there is a price to pay when nudity is involved even if the show was free.

If you have not seen the video in question, press play now.

Le strip-tease d'Erykah Badu
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