Monday, July 12, 2010

Are You Ready?

Tomorrow, Korn releases their ninth studio album, Korn III: Remember Who You Are. In addition to being the band's Roadrunner debut, it also marks the return of producer Ross Robinson, who helmed the band's first two albums (Korn and Life Is Peachy). To celebrate and honor Korn's newest release, let us look at five of the best songs of their impressive career.

1. "Blind" (Korn)
Very few people ever expected those opening hi-hat and guitar notes to give birth to a new sound in metal. Those who were listening, however, were impressed by the group's debut single and it's combination of creepy groove and fury. In a little over four minutes, Korn pioneered the sound that would help dominate the end of the 90's years before it was the stylish thing to do. No list, best of or overview of the band's career would be complete without this track.

2. "Getting Off" (See You on the Other Side)
Korn hooks up with The Matrix to record this loud, synthesizer heavy ode to climaxing. One of the highlights of their first album after the departure of guitarist/vocalist Brian "Head" Welch due to its perverted catchiness and the combination of ex-drummer David Silveria and bassist Fieldy's rhythms in conjunction to the synths elements. One of the late surprises of that album and definitely well worth wait given that it is tracked right after the equally impressive and catchy, "Coming Undone."

3. "Y'all Want a Single" (Take a Look in the Mirror)
One of the last singles to feature the original lineup and it is a monster. A groove that has the each of the instruments in sync with each other as well as featuring an amusing chorus that you can not help but sing when it is playing. On top of that, it is a single that denounces singles and should prevent it from being one due to the chorus. The song, however, is very infectious and one of the very few highlights from the otherwise disappointing Take A Look in the Mirror. I almost dare you not to chant the chorus.

4. "Hollow Life" (Untouchables)
Untouchables was an album that divided many fans except for this one as I still find the album to be one of their best overall and it is due to experiments like this track. "Hollow Life" is less of a Korn song and sounds more like vocalist Jonathan Davis' contributions to Queen of the Damned. The beauty of this song lies in the difference between the verses and the chorus. The verse is soft and atmospheric while the chorus provide the track's heaviness with a layer of ambient noises echoing in the background. One of the hidden gems on one of Korn's best albums.

5. "Got the Life" (Follow the Leader)
Just as the late 90's were catching up to the sound that Korn and Deftones had been performing for a few years, Korn completely changed things and released this single as the lead single to their third album. The track is a nice mix of the familiar Korn sound but with a funkier, almost dance-like rhythm section and whirling guitar effects. One of the most unexpected surprises in their career especially after following up anything off the darker second album (Life is Peachy), but it provided Korn with one of their earliest and biggest successes and put them in front of the masses of Korn clones coming up at the time. 

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