Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jenny Owen Youngs Records Third Album With Your Help

H & J favorite, Jenny Owen Youngs, is assembling her third album and is calling on her fans to help with its recording. Youngs is working with Kickstarter to allow fans to help finance the recording of her new album. For a small amount of 20,000, which is very small to record an album these days, she will be able to release a brand new set of songs and, even better, there is something in it for you. Much like Public Enemy last year, Youngs is offering some very generous rewards for your donation. A fan could receive anything from an autographed album, demos and a video of her shouting your name to her guitar, a live performance with her and her band in your living room and a pancake dinner.

So if you are a fan of her work, wish to contribute to the work of a very talented songwriter or just want to assist in helping people achieve their artistic dreams and goals, then head here to find out how you can contribute to Jenny Owen Youngs' new album as well read about what you can receive for your donation. Also, here is a interview with Youngs discussing the project.


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  1. She is excellent I have a review of her albums up on my blog. If you care to look.