Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pick Of The Week: The Closing Of Borders Stores

This is a very unfortunate pick of the week but it is really hard to argue with deals that begin at 20-40% off. As you may have heard, Borders filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As a result of this, several of the stores have begun the "everything must go" clearance process. Of course, this all depends on your location and proximity to the closest Borders. Nevertheless, Borders closeout sales are the pick of the week.

I am a man who loves a good deal on music and movies, music in particular. Upon hearing of my local store's closing, a visit was more than imminent as there were many CDs and books I have been eying for several weeks now. So I went and came out with some excellent purchases.

Two recent David Bowie live albums (VH1 Storytellers and A Reality Tour), Alice Cooper and Flight of the Conchords albums and, best of all, the four-CD box set of Big Star, Keep an Eye on the Sky, for $15 less than the store's regular price. That is just what I picked up. Now, imagine what you might be able to obtain in quick visit to your local store. Depending on your interests, there is still a wide variety of items to choose from as you basically have the store at your financial disposal.

This victory for consumers, sadly, is a bittersweet one. Granted, there are some good deals that may become better toward the end (even if the products may be less plentiful) but still it is a bit sad to see the stores closing (due in part to the rise of digital media reading units ex. iPad, Kindle, Nook). Nevertheless, a deal is a deal and you might as well get all of the books, CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays you can and while you can. Seriously, the Big Star box set for $15 less than the store's regular price is beyond excellent. With great pleasure and disappointment, Borders closeout sales are the pick of the week.

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