Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm Back...

Stepped away for a little bit and, now, it is time to return to talking about the only thing I love more than peanut butter, horror films and L.A. Noire. Yes, part of the absence was due to that game as well as hearing some excellent albums, saying goodbye to Oprah, travelling to Mordor and pondering if a new Jane's Addiction album in 2011 (The Great Escape Artist) has a better chance than the one released in 2003 (Strays) or is it about the same. Depending on your feelings on that band, you will either cry foul at another attempt of a studio comeback minus bassist Eric Avery, feel that Strays was a very under-rated entry in their catalog or just not care one way or another about the band. Personally, I fall somewhere between the first two opinions. Seriously, L.A. Noire is amazing and very hard to walk away from but like a superhero, I must don the cape and tights and inform the world on the dangers of a Hanna Barbera film starring Kiss and of "Too Shy" as a one hit wonder.


  1. The greatness of the song "Ooh to Be Ah" should not be overlooked. Welcome back.

  2. I actually prefer "Ooh to Be Ah" much more than "Too Shy" mostly for the video but the song is interesting as well. How was this band ever popular? Haha!