Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Scion A/V Split, Enslaved EP And A Mixtape From La Baticueeva

The best part about writing this blog is the free music and the only thing better than that is presenting it to you. These free selections include a new split from Scion A/V, a new EP from Enslaved, a Daytrotter session and a mixtape made by a friend/best radio hostess I know. With music this excellent and free, bad internet connections and a lack of computer is hardly a reason not to download this material.

First up is a new Scion A/V split from Hex Dispensers and King Tuff. In under six minutes, both bands bring forth one excellent rocker apiece. Hex Dispensers' "Agatha's Antlers" is an up-tempo number complete with handclaps, backing vocals and a catchy melody destined to swirl around inside your brain until you hear the song again. Do as the chorus of "Hands" by King Tuff suggests and clap your hands. Just as catchy as the first half of the split, this track is a fun, albeit brief, head bobbing, phaser and reverb filled track. Both can be heard below and are suitable earworms for your next party.

Fresh from last year's critically acclaimed full-length, Axioma Ethica Odini, Enslaved have released a new EP entitled The Sleeping Gods through Scion A/V. Continuing to push the boundaries of black metal, The Sleeping Gods presents five songs in under 30 minutes, all of which clock in over five minutes and showcase the progressive sound and technical skill the band continues to push to its furthest extents while consistently being awe-inspiring. While each track is impressive, the thrash and sweet guitar solo of "Alu Misyrki" and the plodding drone of the EP's closing title track that truly make this free EP a delight.  

A week and some days later and here we are, still alive despite Harold Camping's judgement day predictions and propaganda. Ironically enough, the same day was World Goth Day. One DJ, Isis Ledezma, knew how to celebrate both in style with one incredible mixtape called +++ World Goth Day 2011 +++ -After the Rapture-. She is the hostess of Venezuela's premiere darkwave, new wave and post punk radio program, La Baticueeva, and a very awesome person to boot. Definitely check out her incredible mix below and follow her program on Twitter.

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