Thursday, November 24, 2011

Smallpox & Plymouth Crack Rocks (November 2011)

Smallpox & Plymouth Crack Rocks (November 2011)

01. Coma America by Amen
02. American Cliche by Filter
03. Boylife in America by Cody Chesnutt
04. America is Waiting by Brian Eno & David Byrne
05. America Gangster Time by Elvis Costello & the Imposters
06. American Flag by Cat Power
07. America by Deconstruction
08. American Leather by The Germs
09. Sins of America by D Generation
10. The American Woman by Cake Like
11. America Eats Its Young by Funkadelic
12. American Nights by Runaways
13. Which Way to America? by Living Colour

The rock totally landed on all of us and in a major way. By rock, I mean "and roll" amd the bread that we bake and break each year. I am certain that if the pilgrims of old were around today, this is would be the soundtrack to the Mayflower voyage. To America, we set sail and knock on your door looking for dinner and dessert. With this meal, there are no sides. Seriously, I just forgot to label them.

Support the art and the artists. Play it loud!

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