Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West: A Hightower And Jones Essatorial

Kanye West. What does one say about the man without resorting to name-calling or opinionated vulgarities? One just simply says Kanye West, a name that, until last night, meant rapper, producer, egomaniac and, according to South Park, gay fish. Now the name means sad, pathetic, undeserving and useless. There was nothing shocking about what he did at last night's MTV Video Music Awards. Instead, it was rude and disrespectful. In a industry where it's refreshing to see someone like Taylor Swift, given her age and success, who is a respectable teenage role model who isn't partying, flashing her vagina to cameras and becoming famous for having a reality show/sex tape existence, what gives Kanye West the right to spit on her accomplishment?
Granted, it was a only a Video Music Award and Swift has won bigger awards and accolades and as well as having many more awaiting her in the future but nonetheless, it was her moment to accept an award that she put the time into winning as well as winning an award in a category placing her in competition with the likes of Beyonce, Pink and Kelly Clarkson. So while it may just have been a "Moonman," it was her "Moonman" and her first one at that.

What should've been a great moment for the young star became no more than a shameful display of rudeness and selfishness on the part of West who had absolutely no reason for his actions. What you were expecting? Applause, cheers or for someone to say, "Kanye is right." If did it to keep your name on everyone's lips, then you succeeded if for nothing more than being called a loser, Mr. West. Moments like last night's are the reason you've been nominated for more awards than you've won. You show a lack of respect for your peers and for the overall spirit of competition. Why this mainly happens at MTV award shows is puzzing but you can't expect anyone to praise you if you're disrespectful to other artists.

To you, Kanye West, I say disappear for awhile and learn humility in both your wins and losses. Learn to respect the victories of others and bite your tongue because nobody needs to hear or cares about your opinions unless you're asked about them. We're all entitled to our favorites and choices for what should be awarded but that's all they are. Kanye, learn this and you'll start winning more awards than you lose them.

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