Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Video Graveyard

A couple of weeks ago, I posted Hammer and Deion Sanders' video for "Straight To My Feet" which provided a friend a chance to finally see a video he never wanted to see ever again. As we were talking, I told him there are a couple of truly, embarrassing Hammer videos. Two of which make up this post.

Which video is worse: "Addams Groove" or "Pumps And A Bump"

On one hand, Hammer runs around with members of the Addams Family, makes goofy faces and dances. Along with this, Hammer has axes thrown at him, becomes the head of the table (yes, it's a really bad pun if you watch the video) and raps about "wanting pepper for his chicken."

The other hand holds the silliest, most pompous and unbelievable Hammer video ever produced. He stuffs his speedo and raps about high heels and big butts while bikini clad women dance around him. Mind you, a few years ago, this man asked you to "pray just to make it today."

You decide which is more embarrassing: the speedo or goofy faces and dancing. Points go to you if you can somehow, while actually watching "Pumps And A Bump," can avoid seeing Hammer's stuffed speedo. Godspeed, brave souls.

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