Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Takes A Donation Of $250,000 Not To Hold Us Back

Ever wanted to participate in the creation of a recording artist's new album? If so, are you a fan of Public Enemy? If the answer to both is yes, well you're in luck because Public Enemy would like your assistance in the recording of their new album. Thanks to a partnership with Sellaband, the possibility of a new P.E. album lies in your hands.
For a minimum donation of $25, you can help Public Enemy reach their goal of $250,000to cover the cost of recording their new album. This cost will also fund a marketing plan to see a its worldwide release. Of course, you're saying to yourself that this is cool but you're probably wondering besides this, what else are you getting for your money. It depends on your contribution to the project.

For a minimum of $25, you'll receive an exclusive, numbered digipak CD of the new album. The bigger investments will earn you unlimited backstage passes for three years, executive producer credit and a visit to the studio to watch the group record. This is a very interesting and innovative way to bring artists and their fans closer together. Once I was able to ask Vaden Todd Lewis of Toadies about his recording setup through myspace and he responded which was really cool on many levels but never have I had an opportunity to executive produce a Public Enemy album (technically, I still do not have this opportunity).

Below is a video of Chuck D discussing Sellaband and his group recording their forthcoming release through Sellaband. It's a really interesting way to record an album and if you think so, feel free to donate and hey, one day you might record your album this way and have people believe in your sound. If you wish to contribute or you're just curious about their progress, visit Public Enemy's Sellaband page.

SellaBand Promo from Command Pictures on Vimeo.

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