Friday, October 9, 2009

Take That Annie Leibovitz

Jenny Owen Youngs is awesome. There's no other way to really phrase that. She writes great songs, plays banjo and is a very cool and funny person to meet. With that said, she's offering a very cool limited edition keepsake for sale during her Fall tour.
The Fall Tour 2009 Polaroid Photo Project is a project where Youngs, along with her Polaroid 440 Land Camera, takes photos of various things of interest while on the road. According to Youngs, these things of interest could be anything from "marquees outside of venues, local excitement or color and maybe even you." Each of photographs will sell for $20 and arrive in the mail signed, numbered, and with a note of authenticity. This is definitely a rare piece of merchandise and one more thing to add to the coolness that is Jenny Owen Youngs

Find out how to obtain one of these photos and other information pertaining to the project from Youngs herself.

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