Friday, February 12, 2010

Cursed For Their Will To Dream (February Mixtape)


Cursed For Their Will To Dream (February 2010)

Side A:
01. Other Side by Sound Barrier
02. Rock-N-Roll Victim by Death
03. Time's Up by Living Colour
04. You'll Like It "Hear" by Mother's Finest
05. Cosmic Slop by Funkadelic
06. Bowels Of The Devil by Body Count
07. Lookout by Building Better Bombs
08. Banned In D.C. by Bad Brains

Side B
09. Information Inspiration by Shuggie Otis
10. Picture In A Frame by Ben Harper
11. Everybody's Getting Down by The Incredible Moses Leroy
12. Baptized In Blacklight by Kenna
13. Pills by Bo Diddley
14. I Get Out by Lauryn Hill
15. If We Don't Disagree by Cody Chesnutt
16. Change by Fishbone

Rebellion comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. In most cases, those who dare to be different or wish to make a statement are met with resistance and indifference. The truth is that you are not being rebelious when you are being true what is inside you. Your perceptions, feelings and thoughts. This compilation reflects that difference and being true to one's self within a community. These artists are different than what most people hear on the radio or see as images on television. Most importantly, these artists reflect a community separated by those images and sounds and the perceptions of race in music and the media. These are just a few artists who are following their heart and added another image to the face of Rock and Pop music.

Download Cursed For Their Will To Dream here.

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