Friday, February 12, 2010

Where's The Musical Beef?

Throughout history, people have always caught on to popular catchphrases. They are easy to remember and can be applied to all walks of life and a mutlitude of situations. After all, how many times have you said "what you talkin' bout, Willis" to a friend. As funny and popular as that phrase is, music has produced a few catchphrases and most of them are bad. By bad, I mean if one were to be caught using one today, it is a license to be beaten on sight. Let us have a look at these horrendously awful catchphrases, their meanings and and what it says about you if you were to use one these days.

"Bling Bling"
1) It means diamonds and other assorted shiny jewelry (being tacky is optional, although, it is usually necessary).
2) What it truly means is that I am rich, flashy and probably devoid of various subtleties.
3) Today, it means you are way behind the times when it comes to catchphrases as you have blinded by your flashy, shiny watch instead of using it to tell the time.

"Who Let The Dogs Out?"
1) It is more of a question to ponder the various mysteries of life such as why are we here and well, who let the dogs out.
2) What it is really asking is what the hell are they singing about in that song.
3) Today, it means seriously, I can not believe we thought this song was awesome and, more importantly, why are we saying who like we are barking.

"Too Legit To Quit"
1) 1992's way of saying there is no way that I will ever give up simply because I am that awesome.
2) Really, it is life's way of saying you should quit because not only do you have a catchphrase, that catchphrase has a hand gesture.
3) Today, it means Gangsta Rap, signing to Death Row and investing in horses were all bad ideas. Furthermore, it also means hand gestures and catchphrases make for horrible bedfellows so "cut it out" (does anyone actually remember that).

"Whoomp, There It Is"
1) Seriously, it is right there and the sheer awesomeness of its being, gives you a creative license to create your Batman-like fighting word.
2) Really, it means that you like cheesy music and love making up your own words.
3) Today...really? If you have ask what that means about you, I will just say that perhaps it means that you have been asleep for far too long and, seriously, it is time for a shave.

Feel free to add your own "favorite" musical catchphrases in the comments section.

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