Monday, February 8, 2010

The Who Plays CSI's Greatest Hits Or The Who By Numbers

Yeah, I went there and so did they. Last night's Super Bowl Halftime Show seemed more like an ad for Jerry Bruckheimer and CBS than the great performance it should have been. All it needed was "My Generation" and it could have been like watching CSI complete with a Pepsi ad.

To clear things up, I am not knocking The Who for their performance. Granted, they are not the explosive, young band they used to be but in terms of musicianship and ability, they are still miles ahead of a lot of rockers, past and present. This is to say that their choices for their performance was a bit safe. Safe as in it stuck too close to broadcasting company that televised this year's event. Seriously, you are The Who. Where was "Bargain" or "I Can See For Miles?" It needed to rock a little more. Perhaps, I am also saying this because, the night before, Them Crooked Vultures played Saturday Night Live and continues to be jaw dropping each time you see them. Perhaps, I was expecting way too much.

It is probably a mixture of both. You see someone like John Paul Jones who continues to rock well into his 60's without sounding dated and then there's The Who, who did not bring the awesomeness of Jones or their former selves. On that same note, The Who lacked the excitement of Janet Jackson's nipple. That was more Rock than The Who, theirselves. This is the band that had exploding kick drums, windmilled guitar playing, swinging mics and crazy drumming and who inspired many a musician to pick up their instrument. Granted, they are older and the NFL are still aiming to protect people from the aforementioned nipple or other incident of the like from happening again but get it together and rock. Seriously, the inclusion of "Bargain" alone would have made for a better selection of songs. Although, I can not help but want to buy a car every time I hear that song.  So there you go, another Super Bowl, another halftime performance and 10 less nipples on stage. Maybe next year will be awesome or something completely different. Say, I hear Sonic Youth might be available and wouldn't America just love that. I know I would.

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