Friday, May 14, 2010

Shake Your Hair, Girl, With Your Ponytail (May 2010)

Shake Your Hair, Girl, With Your Ponytail (May 2010)

Side A
01. Your Number Or Your Name by The Knack
02. 777-9311 by The Time
03. I Wanna Be Loved by The Heartbreakers
04. If There Is Something by Roxy Music
05. When I'm Thinking About You by The Sundays
06. The Way I Feel Inside (Mono Version) by The Zombies

Side B
01. Lay Some Happiness On Me by Nancy Sinatra
02. I Found A Reason (Demo Version) by The Velvet Underground
03. Everybody Here Wants You by Jeff Buckley
04. I Thank You by Sam & Dave
05. Hypotize by The White Stripes
06. Last Person by Jenny Owen Youngs

Reject this mix and reject my heart. Yeah, this mixtape is really emo...even for me. In 20 minutes, I concocted the perfect mixtape to give my future mrs. I've joked and said that I dare a woman to reject this tape. It's impossible. Haha. So why create it and post it. One, I could and two, I'm looking toward the future and whatever that means. She is out there waiting. I just have to get to her and give her this mix before it's too late. As the line in the Sparks' song "Amateur Hour" goes, "choose your partners, everyone. If you hesitate, the good ones are gone."

Download Shake Your Hair, Girl, With Your Ponytail here.

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