Friday, June 11, 2010

Wendy Peppercorn Is My Lifeguard (June 2010)

Side A: The Picnic Starts At 12 Sharp
01. June by Pete Yorn
02. Hot House by X
03. Cool Places by Sparks
04. Carnival by The Cardigans
05. Surf Wax America by Weezer
06. The Cruise by The Rentals
07. Plastic Beach by Gorillaz
08. The Fourth of July by The Incredible Moses Leroy

Side B: The Last Hurrah For Fireworks
01. August by Rilo Kiley
02. Kim's Watermelon Gun by The Flaming Lips
03. Sunshinin' by The Vines
04. Possessed to Skate by Suicidal Tendencies
05. Brooklyn Zoo by Ol' Dirty Bastard
06. Ice Cream Man by Tom Waits
07. Swimming Song by Kate and Anna McGarrigle
08. Lemonade by Blind Melon

Feel the heat as well as the breeze under an old tree nearby because it is Summer and you know what that means. It means that it is time to grab a cold drink, a lawn chair and enjoy the sunny day ahead. This time I went for a theme of titles involving things associated with Summer. With that said, get out, do things and have fun. You only get one summer a year so enjoy it while you can.

Download Wendy Peppercorn Is My Lifeguard here.

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