Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gold Cobra's Artwork Makes My Eyes Bleed.

This is the artwork for Limp Bizkit's upcoming album, Gold Cobra (in stores June 28). Alone, this says everything that could possibly be said about a Limp Bizkit album, especially in 2011. Featuring an outdated design, graffiti font, vapid expressions on the women's faces and a cobra that needs more gold, this is not how one should reintroduce your band to the public after being gone for five years and spending the majority of the last decade maintaining, losing or never having any artistic merit. Of course, that last part depends on your feelings toward the band (and this is coming from a former fan who still loves Three Dollar Bill Y'all).

With that said, and I never thought I would say this, Limp Bizkit needs to update their image and not pander to jocks, frat boys and anyone who thinks backward baseball caps are awesome past the age of eight. Updating their image in this case would really just be creating an album cover that says you are pushing 40 and not 14. This is not asking for some Storm Thorgerson inspired creation. It just needs maturity and a cobra with more gold.

Gold Cobra is in stores June 28.

Sidenote: I am saddened by the fact that we can get a new Limp Bizkit album in 2011 but are still waiting for Black Light Burns' (guitarist Wes Borland's main/side project) sophomore album.


  1. Ha ha awesome. Where are they getting this art? It's the same look as the single for Shotgun so I assume it's the same artist. They've always had odd artwork though. I still like this better than the cover for Chocolate Starfish I guess. Personally I'm looking forward to the new CD.

  2. That they have. All of their artwork, except for Results May Vary, is similar and I think it's a band member who does it. I have mixed feelings on this album. I sold all of their albums but Three Dollar Bill Y'All so, for me, it's more of a curiosity to see where this band fits into 2011 musically.

    I've watched some of their European comeback performances over the last couple of years and they can still pull in a crowd and people are still into them. It'll be interesting to see how well the band does here as they could make a huge comeback. It all depends on public interest especially given the lack of music video support these days by MTV. So it'll be like The Unquestionable Truth Pt. 1 but with a tour.

    Seriously, where is the actual second Black Light Burns album? It's been four years since the first one and about two or three since the covers album.

  3. Damn, has it been that long since the Black Light Burns CD? I didn't realize. I've heard the 2nd CD is done though? Release that puppy!

    I only saw Limp Bizkit once... opening for Metallica and Linkin Park in Dallas (with Mudvayne and Deftones... huge show) and as much as the crowd seemed to want to hate them, they rocked out. Without Wes though at that time. I've always thought they were sort of a fun group myself.