Friday, March 23, 2012

Playlist: Luther Campbell Edition (NFSW)

It is Friday at Hightower and Jones (as it is in the Eastern Hemisphere as well) and it time to celebrate the weekend in style and with classic videos with a post called Friday Playlist showcasing the visual arts of an artist. This week, let us celebrate (or to any teenage, horny males reading...drool over) the classiest of works featuring producer/rapper/jiggling butt afficianado Luther Campbell and 2 Live Crew. Having discovered 2 Live Crew at an early age, I can safely say that I went through puberty earlier than expected and learned more butt shaking than I would ever learn in my adult life. To you, Luke, I celebrate this Friday in your name and with dreams of a version of Miami that I will probably never experience. Granted, this is nowhere as awesome (or sexy) as Kristen Bell Mondays but with this collection of videos, I am certain that it is raunchier.

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