Friday, March 30, 2012

Mae Whitman's Sampler (March 2012 Mixtape)

Side A
1. Get to Know You by Mayer Hawthorne
2. Call Me Beautiful by Cheyenne Marie Mize
3. Crush by Sleigh Bells
4. Sick of You by Gwar
5. Risingson by Massive Attack

Side B
1. Lay My Head Down by Band of Skulls
2. For What It's Worth by The Cardigans
3. I've Been Loving You by Otis Redding
4. Snake Oil Saleman by Rocco DeLuca
5. Why You Fall by Jenny Owen Youngs

Mae Whitman's Sampler...get it! The fact that I'm making a Whitman's Sampler joke means that I'm really old. Anyway, this is sample of artists possessing my stereo and computer at the moment. Yes, I'm obsessed with Gwar and Otis Redding at the moment and, other than them being awesome, I have no idea why (Perhaps, I am growing back into my metal and soul roots). Also, there are some selections from newer releases from Cheyenne Marie Mize, Mayer Hawthorne, Band of Skulls, Rocco DeLuca, Jenny Owen Youngs and Sleigh Bells as they all have great new albums out at the moment that I have been enjoying for a couple of months or so at this point and you should enjoy as well. So, here is the March mix and I apologize for the lateness of getting the mix to you. March has been a really crazy time and I am still not sure how the month happened or that it happened at all.

Support the art and artists...always play it loud!

Get Mae Whitman's Sampler here.

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