Thursday, August 20, 2009

Video Graveyard

Call me foolish or call me insane but, this weekend, I plan on watching two of the classiest cinematic achievements of all time, back to back. These films are Street Fighter and Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li. It is from Street Fighter that we were given the genius video for this edition of Video Graveyard entitled "Straight To My Feet" and is performed by Hammer and Deion Sanders.

Yes, that Deion Sanders.

I sadly remember this video when it came alongside of the movie that it accompanied but can not remember which was worse: the bad video for a bad song from a bad movie based on an awesome video game or the fact that Street Fighter was just overall bad. One is over four minutes and the other is over 90 minutes but both are equally painful. Anyway, the video is set in some mahjong/sumo wrestling/dance club in an unknown location where various different Street Fighter characters visit and Deion Sanders chimes in every so often with unmemorable rhymes and mentions "Prime Time" twice. The purpose of any this is unknown because as a movie tie-in, it's really cheesy and because it's 2009, it hasn't aged well at all, visually or musically. In fact, this might be the only Hammer video that makes "Pumps And A Bump" look like "Thriller" and the only Deion Sanders video that makes "Must Be The Money" look like...well, "Must Be The Money."

And as a bonus (mainly, because I would like avoid ever having to talk about this ever again), here's the Deion Sanders classic, "Must Be The Money."

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