Thursday, January 12, 2012

Confessions Of An Audiophile: Opposites Attract Is My Jam

Seriously, it is a pop song about a couple making it despite their differences, one of which is the fact that the couple consists of a former Lakers dancer and an animated rapping cat. Although, this was not known to be the case until the video, it is that same video that makes us remember the song and, well, makes it cheesy. Yet, it is that campy quality that makes it a bit appealing 20-plus years later and why I found myself singing along to it yesterday morning. In summary, "Opposites Attract" is my jam.

As a kid, I thought the song (mostly the video) was awesome. As a teen and young adult, I looked back and wondered why Paula Abdul was singing with a cat and that it was odd that they had a relationship. Now, I occasionally find myself joking about it, debating possible rankings and achievable cups if performed on Lips and, in yesterday's case, singing along to it whenever it comes on VH1 Classic or the radio. The truth is that I, for some strange reason, really enjoy "Opposites Attract."  

Why do I enjoy this song? It is fair to agree that the song is somewhat catchy just as it is also fair to say that it, especially in the wrong mood, it could be very annoying. It is not even the best Paula Abdul single ("Straight Up" will forever hold that spot). Hell, is not even like I have memories tied to the song like a first kiss or the first girl's hand I held. Still, I find joy and humor in gleefully singing about taking "two steps forward and two steps back." It is the kind of maniacal glee usually reserved for finding loose money under a couch cushion. It is glee to the point where it is described as giddiness. 

It all starts with that synth and clap opening followed by an intro from a rapping cat (in the video). It is a simple intro with some buildup and never overstays its welcome. From there, it is all about the vocal interplay between Abdul and MC Skat Kat as they sing about why they should not be together. Yet it is these same differences that keep them together. That is it. Literally, there is nothing more to this song than that and, of course, another rhyme from MC Skat Kat.

Again, the question is why do I enjoy this song? Simply, it is because I find humor in a song that is far from humorous but is made so by its video. That is the thought always linked to the song that allows my easily amused nature to unabashedly enjoy this song. It is a thought of a cat dancing, singing and rapping about dating a human. Why do I sing to it? It is an effectively simple and somewhat cheesy pop song that is fun to sing out loud and embarrassing if caught by your friends while sober doing so. That and how many songs feature a cat as a guest vocalist rapping and singing about dating Paula Abdul. 

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