Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year...You Mean This Happens Every 12 Months

Yes! We are now a few days into 2012 and let me begin by saying happy new year. In case you may been wondering about my whereabouts lately, I have been focusing my time more on my art and listening to lots of music instead of writing about it. By no means is that to say that I have abandoned H&J. It is simply to say that I needed to take a couple of steps back and focus on something else for a little while. Also, with the new year here, I will tell you that my favorite rock album is a toss between Foo Fighters' Wasting Light and Black Keys' El Camino, my favorite hip hop album was Childish Gambino's Camp, The Time returned in excellent condition as The Original 7ven and Kate Bush dropped two stellar albums this year. Now, we may proceed.

With 2012 underway (and the blog's anniversary approaching), I am looking at improving different things about the blog like a new banner (finally!), more interviews and reviews involving a wide variety of artists and, of course, more stylophone. Naturally, the same bizarre humor that runs throughout the blog will continue. As long as LMFAO continues to exist, how can I not not poke fun at whatever it is that they do. So, together, let us celebrate 2012 the way it should be celebrated, enjoy music and spending another year without Dr. Dre's Detox anywhere in sight. Only Dr. Dre is capable of creating the hip hop equivalent to Chinese Democracy as "I Need a Doctor" is the new "Oh My God." Seriously, NBC was showing Later when his last album came out...Later.

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