Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Interview: The Coathangers

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting The Coathangers for a discussion of all things Coathangers from their beginning to their recordings, their new album, Scramble, and all things in between. Let it be known that the interview took place on a hot Saturday evening after a Puerto Rican Pride Parade and it was noisy outside. Thanks to the band for being generous enough to hang out and brave the heat and noise and for being really cool people overall. Also, thank you to Bekah at Suicide Squeeze and their tour manager, Emily, for granting the interview.
P.S. I didn't have a tripod as I wasn't home the weekend of the interview and had too many things to carry while away. I apologize for any shakiness in advance.

A few songs from their performance that evening.

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