Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Video Graveyard

This isn't a old video nor is it a dead video. After seeing it the other morning, I wish it were both. Ladies and gentlemen, here's "Blame It" by Jamie Foxx.

There is nothing cool about this video or this song. Jamie Foxx is trapped in a world where he sings using Autotune (what would Ray Charles think?), and sips on champagne with Samuel L. Jackson, Quincy Jones and Ron Howard? What the hell man? You were Wanda on In Living Colour and now you're hitting clubs with Ritchie Cunningham. Lame. Just lame. Add this to the fact that it's a Hype Williams video and your brain will be fried.

Jamie Foxx - Jamie Foxx Featuring T-Pain "Blame It" (Official Music Video) - Click here for more blooper videos


  1. That was the worst, yet most hilarious thing I have ever seen. The "opening credits" made me do a spit take. Also, auto tune should be banned from music.