Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Listen To New Albums From Of Montreal And Weezer

New releases from Of Montreal and Weezer are due in stores next week but instead of waiting until then to listen to them, you can hear both albums now. False Priest, the new album from Of Montreal, can be found at NPR. Weezer's Epitaph debut, Hurley, can be heard on the band's Myspace page. Tracklistings for both albums can be found after the jump.

Of Montreal - False Priest tracklist
01. I Feel Ya' Strutter
02. Our Riotous Defects (featuring Janelle Monáe)
03. Coquet Coquette
04. Gold Intersex
05. Enemy Gene (featuring Janelle Monáe)
06. Hydra Fancies
07. Like A Tourist
08. Sex Karma (featuring Solange)
09. Girl Named Hello
10. Famine Affair
11. Casualty of You
12. Around the Way
13. Do You Mutilate?

Weezer - Hurley tracklist
01. Memories
02. Ruling Me
03. Trainwrecks
04. Unspoken
05. Where's My Sex
06. Run Away
07. Hang On
08. Smart Girls
09. Brave New World
10. Time Flies

Of Montreal's False Priest and Weezer's Hurley are in stores on September 14.

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